The Bogotá Experimental Film Festival opens its call for audiovisual artworks that will be screened in its sixth edition in 2020.

The Call for entries is open from January 1st until April 15, 2020.

Bogotá Experimental Film Festival launches its international call to artists with an expanded vision of audiovisual art to send their experimental artworks and have the possibility of being screened in the next edition of the festival in August 2020.

The Bogotá Experimental Film Festival is a platform for the exhibition, circulation and creation of audiovisual works whose motivations are directed to narrative, technical and conceptual experimentation, which manage to break with dominant and standardized discourses that transcend aesthetic, technical and semiotic limits; and that are a reflection of creative freedoms regardless of the format, duration, material, technique or resource of expression.

As a result of this call for entries the curatorial team of the festival will make two types of selections (panorama and exceptional), which each one will be divided geographically (Colombia, Latin America and Other Latitudes):

Official Selection-Panorama: Important and valuable works that deserve to be presented during the festival as representatives of the contemporary experimental film movement.

Official Selection-ExceptionalRelevant contemporary works whose experimentation is more notorious and propositive, which in addition to being presented during the festival will be observed by a specialized jury that will award recognitions and an expanded award. Other special recognitions considered by the jury and the public will also be granted from this selection.


Non Latin American artworks:

Latin American artworks:

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