Street Art Symphony / España
Dirección: Fernando Epelde García
Fecha de creación: 5/22/2016
Un retorno al País de las Maravillas en la crisis de la mediana edad. Alguien roba el teléfono de Viejo. Desafortunadamente, su móvil está conectado con su correo electrónico, así que él puede seguir viendo las fotografías que el ladrón está tomando con su cámara. Viejo se traslada a Berlín en su busca. Las cosas se vuelven todavía más surrealistas cuando se da cuenta de que el ladrón podría ser completamente diferente a lo que pensaba hasta ahora. Street Art Symphony es una ficción que tiene lugar en el escenario real que suponen las calles del barrio de Kreuzberg. Una extraña historia de amor de coste cero, realizada sin actores pero con artistas urbanos y músicos en su lugar, cargada de experimentación y efectos no-tan especiales. Una sinfonía en cuatro movimientos y cuatro lenguajes distintos, que sucede entre los muros de esta parte de Berlín porque ellos son, más que nunca, una metáfora perfecta de esta Europa en proceso de remodelación.

Pagan Variations / Francia
Dirección: Aj Dirtystein
Fecha de creación: 8/1/2016
Experimental movie about performance art and tarot de Marseille experience. Flesh and Spirit meet in a spiritual quest. It’s an “Alice in Wonderland” in the land of “body art”.

Ofelia non annega / Italia
Dirección: Francesca Fini
Producción: Francesca Fini + Istituto LUce Cinecittà
“Ophelia Did Not Drown” is an experimental film that surrealistically reinterprets Shakespeare’s drama from the point of view of young Ophelia. The film was produced in association with the Institute Luce Cinecittà and integrates seemingly irreconcilable languages: the historical, anthropological and sociological repertoire of Luce and original performances produced by the artist for this project.

The Trader / España
Dirección: manuel alvarez diestro, sergio belinchon
Producción: manuel alvarez diestro
A sucessful stock trader decides to start a journey far from the trading floor. He searches for the perfect place in a remote land where he can liberate himself from the world to which he belongs.

The Modern Cinematic Dilemma / Australia
Dirección: Mel Little
Producción: Mel Little
In today’s technology saturated age the cinematic experience is struggling to retain its impact, ‘The Modern Cinematic Dilemma’ is a reflection of that struggle. Will the cinematic survive this technological interference and retain its viewership?

Rattle / USA
Dirección: Laura Iancu
Fecha de creación: 5/15/2016
A game-like journey thought pixelated surfaces and baroque labyrinths.

Dirección: Arianna Gazca
Fecha de creación: 4/26/2016
In the midst of chaos, feeling crushed by the looming presence of melancholy, a blue light shines upon a vast landscape forged by dreams and desires. In searching for the answer of how music and emotion bring out the inner spirit of absolute expression, this experimental animated visual music piece explores the desire for hope and the haunting of madness.

ESCAPISM / Alemania
Dirección: Claudia Malecka
Fecha de creación: 4/6/2016
An individual lives in a fast-moving world in which time is a priceless commodity. Because of the technization of the world the individual saves time, but the saved time needs to be spent productively. The human must work. As one of many? Non-stop working, creating, achieving. This is pressuring, constraining and fearing the individual. The film »Escapism« deals with the evolution of emotions as a result of the pressure to achieve.

In einer schnelllebigen Welt, in der Zeit kostbar ist und dem Menschen durch moderne Technologie immer mehr Arbeit abgenommen wird, muss jedes Individuum funktionieren. Jede Sekunde wird produktiv genutzt – ohne Pause. Arbeiten, schaffen und leisten. Der Druck steigt, engt den Menschen ein und versetzt ihn in Angst. Der Film »Escapism« befasst sich mit den Emotionen, die durch den Schaffens- und Leistungsdruck entstehen.

La plaine de Lenz / Francia
Dirección: Olivier Jagut
Producción: Olivier Jagut
Fecha de creación: 11/20/2015
A psychological struggle ensues between a property developer and his younger brother when they inherit land known as “La Plaine de Lenz”. Une lutte psychologique s’engage entre un promoteur immobilier et son jeune frère lorsqu’ils héritent d’un terrain situé au lieu dit « la Plaine de Lenz ».

Lost Village / España
Dirección: George Todria
Producción: Gorka Gomez Andreu
En un pueblo abandonado, donde solo viven un hombre y una mujer de mediana edad, comienzan a aparecer luces dentro de algunas de las casas vacías. Cada personaje reacciona ante este suceso de un modo diferente. Sus vidas nunca más serán las mismas.

Tracking / Reino Unido
Dirección: Philip Sanderson
Producción: Philip Sanderson
Tracking is a series of visual and audio abstractions of the shifting light, temporal movements, pulsing sound, and multi dimensional perspectives that one sees and hears on the railway.

Shrine v2.4.2 / Italia
Dirección: Semiosphera
Producción: Francesca Giuliani, Lino Mocerino
The environment, as a Systems Integrator A man, having his epiphany by a wood creature Her merkwelt over his inferences A dance generating random patterns A spontaneous life-generating matrix Chaotic Unpredictable Vital.

RGB Colour Model / España
Dirección: Blanca Rego
Fecha de creación: 7/21/2016

WARNING: This film contains flashing images. Digital animation based on the additive synthesis RGB (red-green-blue) colour model—the primary colours of light. The shapes move and overlap in a constant flicker that generates complementary colours and entoptic phenomena, assaulting the eyeballs and assassinating the normative consciousness of the viewer. A piece that does not happen only on the screen, but in our neurons. The soundtrack are the film frames themselves saved as audio files, using a data bending process inspired by the optical sound experiments by filmmakers such as Norman McLaren, Lis Rhodes, Guy Sherwin, etc. What you see is exactly the same that what you hear.

Adam / USA
Dirección: Evelyn Jane Ross
Fecha de creación: 5/1/2016
In the beginning of them She created us.

Orbit / Italia
Dirección: Giuseppe Boccassini
Producción: Giuseppe Boccassini
Fecha de creación: 3/14/2016
“A reflexion about the extremely loud and the incredibly close .Orbit brings back images for a far-off era, made of spatial conquests and scientific discoveries, testimony to the fashinations and dreams of the human species before September 11th. In 15 minutes Orbit leads us through a hallucinatory tunnel where time and space merge together and where the viewer crosses the threshold into another epoch in the blink of an eye” FID Marseille.

“Primates Philosophy : the part and the whole” / Japón
Dirección: Dai (Daishaun Parker)
Fecha de creación: 5/17/2016

This short film is a experimental visual interpretation of the late philosopher, mystic and egyptologist manly hall’s lecture titled “God and man” released by the philosophical research center. In the featured extract Hall speaks on the symbiotic relationship of human to various other lifeforms and how through the human experience we are continually synthesizing our relation. Using a 3d program i explore 4-Dimensional Shapes and morphologies, this is my interpretation of unseen shapes within our human consciousness.

Kemik / – The Bone / Tuquia
Dirección: Volkan Güney Eker
Producción: Orcun GocgunFecha de creación: 1/31/2016
It’s an ordinary day in Turkey… The media outlets, which have direct impact on the society, do many discourses about men and women equality as always; but there are many facts, which were denied by them.
Türkiye’de sıradan bir gün, Kitleleri yönlendiren medya organları her zamanki gibi kadın erkek eşitliği üzerine birçok söylemde bulunmaktadır. Fakat bu konuda inkar ettikleri bazı gerçekler vardır.

Broken / Serbia
Dirección: Ana Cuzovic
Fecha de creación: 9/29/2015

Broken is a loop video, made as an art experiment in the field of composite digital picture. Video creates virtual imaginary space with an idea to lead the viewer into new digital ambience. The aim of the project is to explore the issue of constructed images, the way people experience space and perceive the world around them. In Broken, a camera is an animated ‘eye’ that flow into the unexplored landscape and reveilles its hidden corners and meanings. Landscape hides layered image structure that is waiting to be revealed. The identity of these images is unknown. Sometimes they are parts of familiar imaginary but still not recognizable, except in fragments. They are rearranged, mixed, cut, composed or generated as fragments of landscape, so we can recognize them differently but not essentially. Which is to say that “we missed their being, and that therefore we missed them altogether” (Barthes 1981: 66). They refer to images caught in in the blink of an eye, through the window of airplane, car, high speed train, on a computer screen or via satellite. The underlying character of nomadic and unsettled contemporary society is mirrored in the flow of unfamiliar imagery in the video. In a culture of constant acceleration and progress, we are used to transition and skimming.

Monoton roter Gnom / Austria
Dirección: Vera Sebert
Producción: Vera SebertFecha de creación: 1/31/2016

Text fragments and moving lights appear, shaped like abstracted aquariums, windows and screens, overlaying each other and disappearing into a black and endless room. Inside a sphere that neither consists of air nor water, our view is banished by the glowing composition and entraped into an absent- minded and hypnotised stare. The strange sound of fish-voices, artificial colors and grainy footage stimulate the senses and generate their own narration that manages without story.

Textfragmente und bewegte Lichtquellen in Gestalt abstrahierter Aquarien, Fenster und Bildschirme erscheinen, überlagern sich und verschwinden im schwarzen gestaltlosen Raum. In einer Sphäre, die weder Luft noch Wasser sein kann, fesselt die Leuchtkomposition den Blick und verführt zu selbstvergessenem hypnotisiertem Starren. Der befremdende Klang von Fischstimmen, künstliche Farben und gezielt verrauschte Aufnahmen reizen die Sinne und erzeugen ein eigenes Narrativ, das ohne Geschichte auskommt.

Stuff As Dreams
Dirección: Guli Silberstein
Fecha de creación: 10/1/2016
Family moments, travelling snippets, and media events of terror-panic. Glitching and morphing techniques turn the footage to flowing painterly texture, progressing in dream-logic. Attention is drawn to processes of image-perception, questioning their representation, credibility, and the emotions they carry. ”These our actors, As I foretold you, were all spirits, and Are melted into air, into thin air…We are such stuff As dreams are made on; and our little life Is rounded with a sleep.” (Shakespeare, The Tempest)

Lynx / Sweden
Dirección: Kim Ekberg
Fecha de creación: 10/12/2016
A short experimental film made with magnified fluids and different abstract formations. The movie is inspired by the quantum world and what is happening outside the realms of human observations.

Dirección: Reem Al Shihabi
United Arab Emirates
A film that explores the fear of the unknown. We live in a world where most conform. We are instilled with fear of change, so we suppress our knowledge. We fear the dark, but we somehow choose to accept it, because it is much simpler than recognising the beauty of the light.

Lost / Romania
Dirección: Marius Gherasim
Lost words. Lost time. Lost universe. Lost consciousness. Lost country. Lost religion. Lost people. Lost is a derailed train with the engine still running.

Return to Forms / USA
Dirección: Zachary Epcar
A constellation of objects, each emerging into the soft peach-light void of an indeterminate condominium space.

Sleeping Waters / Francia
Dirección: Emmanuel Piton
Under the lake, the earth draws the ways you can take. In the depth of the sleeping waters, a roar sounds, probably a comming revolt.

Double-Blind No.1 / Australia
Producción: Zenon Kohler
Five VFX artists test the theory that a fine-art technique relying on chance could be applied to a motion piece. With no script or storyboards, the artists selected footage then independently experimented with different styles and techniques to create unique VFX shots. The result – a creative piece with no planned narrative.
Cinco artistas VFX probar la teoría de que una técnica para arte depender de probabilidad se podría aplicar a una pieza de movimiento. Sin guión o guiones gráficos, los artistas de archivo seleccionados a continuación, experimentaron de forma independiente con diferentes estilos y técnicas para crear tomas de efectos visuales únicos. El resultado – una pieza creativa sin narrativa planificada. Un estudio de caso sobre las directrices del experimento.

Omweg / – / 

Detour / Bélgica
Dirección: Jasmijn Cedee
Producción: jasmijn Cedee
Tomando un desvío. Dejar a su mundo familiar . ¿A donde vas? ¿Cómo te sientes? Un viaje musical y la experiencia milagrosa . Desvío es película sobre la toma de refugio , con un punto de vista experimental . Huyendo. ¿Dónde ir? Un viaje musical y la experiencia milagrosa . Una película sobre la toma de refugio, con un punto de vista experimental.

IrIs 2.0 / Alemania
Dirección: Isabella Gresser
Producción: Isabella Gresser
Originally she is called Lucretia, but I call her IrIs – scanned and beautified on behalf of a new religion of optimization. The experimental video deconstructs a painting by Lucas Cranach the Younger which shows an aristocratic woman of Germany at that time. The name Lucretia goes back to a semi-legendary figure in the history of the Roman Republic. Lucretia was famous for her beauty and virtue. The myth of “the Rape of Lucretia” has been always an inspiration for mainly male musicians, artists and writers. In the digital age and within a media society, violence and manipulation is more and more directed against oneself and the own body.

LYING WOMEN / Australia
Dirección: Deborah Kelly
Producción: Deborah Kelly
Reclining nude female figures from the western canon of art history escape from centuries of servitude to the colonial heteropatriarchy and form a revolution.

Jazz Orgie / Alemania
Dirección: Irina Rubina
Producción: Irina Rubina, Ghaith Al-Adwan
Dots, Lines, Planes and Forms set themselves in motion and get drown into their own choreographic world. Within the ecstasy of touch they engage with Jazz Tones into a play of colours and forms which results in a total explosion.

Punkte, Linien, Flächen und Formen setzen sich in Bewegung und versinken in einer eigenen choreographischen Welt. Im Rausch der Berührung lassen sie sich mit Jazz Klängen auf ein Farb- und Formenspiel ein, das mit einer absoluten Explosion endet.

KINETIC_AIR / Reino Unido
Dirección: Luiza Cruz-Flade, Fred Flade, Him & Her
Producción: Luiza Cruz-Flade
The wind – you either love it or hate it. It touches, embraces, heats and even freezes you. It’s just there. Humankind has had a fascination with it forever – its been the subject matter of poems, films and songs. Him & Her created an homage to the wind in this experimental film. Him (Fred Flade) has always loved the wind, whereas Her (Luiza Cruz-Flade) has always hated it. Directors: Him & Her Producer: Luiza Cruz-Flade Music: Fred Flade Colourist: David “Luddy” Ludlam Sound Design: Theo Gibara Edit & Animation: Luiza Cruz-Flade & Fred Flade Production Company: Social-Début

Secret Sounds / Holanda
Dirección: Simon Muskitta , Stephan van den Brin
Secret Sounds is a journey through emotions and objects that are usually inaudible. By taking nine inaudible subjects Simon and Stephan want to share their perspective on the relationship between images and sound. Why are there sounds? What does sound mean? And why do we get certain feelings from a sound? These were some of the many questions they asked themselves during this project. The directors are fascinated by music, the sound of a conversation and noise of textures. Basically sound in general. With this film Simon and Stephan want to create awareness for the sounds surrounding us in our daily life. Simon and Stephan asked six divers sound designers to give their interpretation of the inaudible subjects, resulting in nine different never been heard sounds for the animations.

stray gods / Noruega
Dirección: Sara Santos
A film about ruin, disobedience and shadows

Una Coreografía de Agentes Autonomos – An Autonomous Agent Choreo  / España
Dirección: Toni Mitjanit
AAAC (An Autonomous Agent Choreo ) is an abstract generative animation video created through code and user interaction in which a flock of autonomous agents governed by physical laws of attraction-repulsion is subjected to the will of a geometric choreography. Throughout the audiovisual piece the flock of autonomous agents is distributed against nature into different geometric patterns which vary the general perception of colour, shape, texture and rhythm.

Ambersona / USA
Dirección: Nicholas Swanton
Producción: Nicholas Swanton
The decay of memory and a farewell to nostalgia. The past deteriorates to make way for the future.

Haunting Memories / Italia
Dirección: Paolo Damiano Dolce
What happens when bad childhood memories haunt you for the rest of your life?

Silver Planet / USA
Dirección: Chris Hunt
Tracing the existential spiral of a decaying relationship, Silver Planet is a slow-motion movement through a wasteland haunted by snippets of dialogue, poetic excursions, and a siren voice in the distance.

Morning Star / Canada
Dirección: Frederick Maheux
Luciferian rituals trough virtual reality isolation. The sun as inverted hell.

AM/FM / Reino Unido
Dirección: Thomas Hicks
Two characters life stories are presented across a radio timeline on the AM and FM frequencies. Their lives are depicted from birth to death together and apart. As time passes the dial moves freely from left to right and right to left across the timeline to different narrative moments. The characters stories are told in a non-linear way and correspond to objects from an old suitcase that features within the film. As each object from the suitcase is revealed a section of the characters story is presented on screen.

Transitions / Portugal
Dirección: Ana Barroso
Producción: Ana B.

This film is an internal journey that poses the same metaphysical questions we have been questioning for centuries: as material beings we also wonder about this world that is not palpable and we can’t totally understand but that we can somehow feel and makes us immensely human. The monastery where she strolls creates this peaceful and intangible atmosphere and the beautiful architecture evokes the threshold between the real and the metaphysical world. The score is built to produce a mirror effect and it may well evoke both worlds. Each person endures his/her own path to this initiatory experience that may be religious or philosophical but it certainly will take him to a different place from that where he/she is now.

A Full Circle – Movement #3 / Canada
Dirección: Rodrigo Rocha-Campos
Producción: Rodrigo Rocha-Campos
A Full Circle is a three part series exploring the dark and visceral human emotions through contemporary and cutting-edge dance performance. Movement #3 exposes two characters, the siblings, to an emotional roller-coaster in three defined moments – rivalry, clash and reconciliation. From a tightly connected duo to complete polar opposites the siblings go through a downward spiral vying for dominance. After reaching the deepest bottom, how will they make it back up to the light?