Pleroma / Belgium
Dirección: Line Oshin, Arn Gyssels
Producción: Arn Gyssels
Fecha de creación: 4/14/2016
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/162882185


The Past Inside the Present / United States
Dirección: James Siewert
Producción: Chris Skotchdopole

Time is always against us.

Schizophrenia / Japan
Dirección: Yuri Muraoka /
Fecha de creación: 4/30/2016 /
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/124741722

Self-portrait conducted in my 7th year of treatment for schizophrenia. An obsession by the name of “odd-numbers” torments me in daily life. ( Chap.1 ”The odd numbers”) A death sentence was being pronounced. With the sound of the scaffold coming down, the fear of self-destruction that “the reality” collapses into pieces from my foot (Chap.2 ”Transparent,I am.”).

Back Track / Austria 
Dirección: Virgil Widrich
Producción: Virgil Widrich
Fecha de creación: 3/15/2015

A 7-minute 3D-remix of feature films from the 1950s and 60s which were projected on glass and rephotographed in stereoscopic 3D with a photo camera. PLEASE WEAR YOUR RED/CYAN GLASSES TO WATCH THIS ANAGLYPH VERSION!

Beti bezperako koplak – Couplets for an Everlasting Eve / España
Dirección: Ageda Kopla Taldea
Producción: Patxi Azpillaga
Fecha de creación: 7/31/2016

Valiéndose de la celebración de la víspera de Santa Águeda —una tradición vasca en la que la gente, acompañada de bersolaris, se desplaza de casa en casa en un ambiente festivo cantando versos al ritmo de los bastones—, la bersolari Maialen Lujanbio hace una denuncia descarnada de la violencia de género. Verso tras verso, se denuncian las diversas manifestaciones de la violencia machista, así como nuestra imposibilidad de superarla.

Teaser / Francia
Dirección: Hadrien don Fayel, Perrine Liévois
Producción: Hadrien don Fayel
Fecha de creación: 6/15/2016

“Teaser” is developed around an impressionistic approach. A character sees his reality disrupted by hearing problems and film ideas that emerge chaotically. His perceptions build and merge to become a single reality.
Teaser est construit dans une approche impressionniste. Un personnage voit sa réalité chahutée par des troubles auditifs et des idées de films surgissant anarchiquement. Ses perceptions s’additionnent et se confondent jusqu’à devenir une seule réalité.

Dirección: Philipp Ramspeck
Fecha de creación: 12/21/2015
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/130209815

A city burns down. It rebuilds itself as if by an invisible hand and is finally obliterated in a cosmic crash…. A nightmarish cinepoem on 16mm Film about an apocalyptic city and it’s bizzare and tragic inhabitants. (All you see is as it was shot and cut inside the Bolex camera!) (The soundtrack is the optical sound from the running 16mm film)

Dirección: Adrian Garcia Gomez
Fecha de creación: 8/15/2016

In this reinterpretation of the mikveh – a purifying ritual bath performed by brides about to marry – the filmmaker and his husband’s immersions are disrupted by a government demanding an exhaustive list of documents because it refuses to recognize their New York State marriage certificate.
While the couple is required, again and again, to prove their relationship legally exists, the mikveh they share helps them overcome unforgiving bureaucracies and always return to what truly matters.

What Happens In Your Brain if You See a German Word Like…? / Alemania
Dirección: ZORA RUX
Producción: Fred Burle
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/134229302
A surrealistic trip into the world of an extremely long german word.

Le bulbe tragique / Canada
Dirección: Guillaume Vallée
Fecha de creación: 2/26/2016
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/157324163

Ephemeral traces of nothingness – Rotoscoping farmers, crumbling churches, dying memories as hand-painted layers, decay & collage on film emulsion as incidental traces of nothingness. A work that is aware of his own mecanisms.

Vernae / USA
A film by Ethan Folk in collaboration with The House of ia, Ty Wardwell, and Devin McDermott
Producción: Ethan Folk, The House of ia, Dusan Savic, Tyler P Wardwell
Fecha de creación: 6/15/2016

An arresting and immersive inundation of transgressive images and hypnotic sound. Vernae queers the concept of human sacrifice – particularly the death dance of Le Sacre du Printemps (Stravinsky’s iconic 1913 ballet) – to examine violence arising from communal constructs.

Dirección: Timo Zhalnin
Producción: Olga Mandrikova Lanceray, Fedor Kan
Russian Federation
Fecha de creación: 3/9/2016
Trailer: https://filmfreeway.com/submissions/5383796
This film is a metaphor for who we are… for where we come from… a secret held in the abyss. To read the message – through fear and prejudice, from imitation to communion, from meditation to movement. Dance to the horizon – from points of no return. The irony of our metamorphosis – in order to grow, the seed must die.


ON NATION (and other dogmas) / España
Dirección: Zavan Films
Fecha de creación: 8/3/2015
Trailer: https://filmfreeway.com/submissions/5145968

From the re-appropriation of archive images with various contents (war images, soccer matches, social celebrations, religious rites, historical characters, etc.) and from different sources (including films by Chris Marker, Alain Resnais, Leni Riefenstahl or Gianikian and Ricci Lucchi, as well as images from ads and news…), together with reflections of Pierre Bourdieu, Zygmunt Bauman, Bertolt Brecht, Hannah Arendt, Stanley Milgram, Eric Hobsbawn, Amin Maalouf, Josep Fontana, etc., Zavan Films producer develops this complex and kaleidoscopic work on (national, religious, commercial…) identities and their relation with war, economic profit and “legal crimes”.

Plasma Vista – Reino Unido
Dirección: Sarah Cockings, Harriet Fleuriot
Fecha de creación: 7/31/2016

Objects and devices become bodily and manipulative. The magician is a composed cartoon machine repeating tricks and equations. When products become prosthetics does the accessory take some emotional control?

Derivas en el tiempo / España
Dirección: Laura & Sira Cabrera
Fecha de creación: 8/28/2016
Trailer: https://youtu.be/2jRu8CJFJn4

El tiempo es el protagonista, un tema inabarcable y abstracto, estudiado en todas las épocas y vivido de muchas maneras por el ser humano. Es hacer visible algo intangible, pero que todos sentimos, dentro y fuera de nosotros, en el universo y en nuestra existencia finita. Estas imágenes no muestran un acontecimiento, se plantean como un escenario para descifrar, pues el tiempo, además de ser estudiado por la ciencia, suena a poesía.

Bang Utot / Italy
Dirección: Fabio Scacchioli, Vincenzo CoreProducción: Fabio Scacchioli, Vincenzo Core, Academic Film Center Belgrade
Fecha de creación: 1/1/2016

“Bang-utot, literally, ‘attempting to get up and groaning…’ Death occuring in the course of a nightmare… In Manila about twelve cases of death by Bang-utot are recorded each year. One man who recovered said that ‘a little man’ was sitting on his chest and strangling him.” William Burroughs, Naked Lunch

Over&Over / Holanda
Dirección: Michael Fleming00
Fecha de creación: 11/17/2015

A 35mm found-footage hand-manipulated collage film focusing on the depiction of fear and revenge seen in commercial cinema. Manipulating our fear of mortality, it suggests we decimate what threatens us. The surface of the film material has been treated in the same way: peeling, scalping, cutting, and burning the image. Music: Aaron Smith